Henry and Millie Buckwalter
HFC Overseer

462 Willow Road,
Lancaster, PA 17601

Henry has been serving as Overseer of the HFC congregations since the organizations inception, but initially he was on a part-time basis. Since October of 2004, Henry was released from his other responsibilities and is now available to serve HFC with his undivided attention. We are so grateful for his dedication and commitment to the HFC organization.

Henry and Millie served for eleven years in Belize, Central America, where they were involved in pastoral ministry and church planting. During this time, Henry developed, taught in, and administered a Bible Institute by extension as a means of training leaders in the local congregations.

Upon their return to the United States, they pioneered a new church plant, a cell-based church, in Lancaster, PA. After several years, they helped to revitalize another congregation that had passed through a difficult time. For several years following their pastoral ministry, Henry served in a mission agency as a coach to church planters. Millie served part-time as a prayer coordinator for a youth discipleship program.

Previous to Henry’s ministry involvement, he was an office manager and accountant for a large building construction company. His experience and expertise in accounting has been beneficial in assisting congregations in the area of finance. In addition, their many years of pastoral ministry and leadership development and their experiencing of both the joys and challenges of ministry combine to serve as a strong foundation for their oversight ministry today.

In their ministry with HFC, Millie and Henry serve together in their visits to congregations and ministry to pastoral leaders. Millie, as a gifted speaker, occasionally participates in retreats and teaching venues. Together, they have presented seminars in congregations on themes such as marriage and prayer and intercession. Together, they hold the HFC congregations in their heart with Christ’s love and daily intercession.